Spring 2016 Student Projects

The CMU 15-418/618 Parallelism Competition gives students the opportunity to win fame, glory, and excellent prizes! It also provides students the chance to perform extended investigations of a parallel programming program or a parallel system design problem of their choosing.

Watch the finalist presentations here!

Parallelism Competition Winners

Full Project List

Systems and Frameworks

Tools and Performance Analysis

Transactional Memory

Hashtables and Key-Value Stores

FPGA Implementations

Deep Nets and Machine Learning

Numerical Linear Algebra

Graphics and Simulation

Computer Vision

Image Processing


Binary Decision Diagrams (BDD's)

More Fun Parallel Algorithms

Support and Contributions

The 2015 15-418/618 parallelism competition was made more fun thanks to prizes donated by NVIDIA, Intel, Google, Hudson River Trading, Splice Machine, and Uber ATC.