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How is it decided which processor is the "home node" of a line? Is the memory divided up between processors at the beginning?


@huehue depends on the system specifics, but if each grey box was a server rack in a cluster, then you could imagine each rack having access to its memory, and thus would be the home node of those lines.


@huehue If you mean how a processors "knows" which processor is the "home node", then the cache controller for that processor follows a scheme which sends messages based on its directory information to source the cache containing the line information. Perhaps a sequence of requests pass between different cache controllers (using the directory) to find the target node.

Is memory divided up? Good question. Perhaps can help.


There are also other definitions: dirty node: the node that has a copy of the block in its cache in modified(dirty) state. exclusive node: the node that has a copy of the block in its cache in an exclusive state. owner node: the node that currently holds the valid copy of a block and must supply the data when needed.