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What would programmers do if they lacked the proper operators?

For example if the programmer lacked the stream_repeat operator, would it be possible for the programmer to write the ISPC code to deal with the situation?


@msfernan this is a part of the tradeoffs we talked about in the lecture. At the expense of being a purely functional language that may not contain all the operators we require, we allow a programmer to write the code in ISPC however they please. Of course, this is at the cost of making it unclear to a compiler, and it loses the abstraction of data processing that we enjoyed from a functional language.

In a "more proper" functional language, this operator may end up being the result of many complicated functions that we have, whereas it could have been trivial to write in ISPC or a similar language.

I would recommend watching the lecture 4 video starting at around 19 or 21 minutes in for the complete discussion we had during lecture.