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Throughput and latency are unrelated concepts. In the bottom picture, we can improve the throughput by adding more cars in the free space. If the drivers can maintain the speed perfectly constant without hitting each other, the cars can even be right next to each other, make the throughput incredibly high.

And it reminds me of current and resistance in electricity. Current is similar to throughput in that it represents the number of electrons passing through a cross section. Resistance is kind of similar to latency because it is inversely proportional to electrons' speed?


Increase the number of lanes, increasing the speed, and increasing number of cars per km can all help to improve the throughput.



I'm not sure that you can say that thoroughput and latency are unrelated. Wouldn't an increase in latency result in an increase of thoroughput also?

Let's say the latency of a person moving to PGH is 20 hours. Then all else held constant the thoroughput would be based on 1 car every 1/200 of an hour resulting in 200 people per hour.

This is pretty well explained on the next slide.