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Given that these animals can't eat each other, aren't these examples of starvation?



Both of them want to eat eat other but neither can make progress, so deadlock I think


In order to proof deadlock, you must have the 4 deadlock conditions.

2 Resources here I think: Frog's freedom + Goose's neck

  1. Mutual exclusion: Either the frog is free to leave or the goose tries to eat it. Either the goose has its neck unobstructed or the frog grabs it.

  2. Hold and Wait: Each one grabs each other's resource and refuse to let go.

  3. No pre-emption: It is not possible for one to steal that resource from another.

  4. Cyclic dependency: Goose cannot proceed until frog release goose's neck. Frog cannot proceed until goose stop eating the frog.


This is just too real and scary.