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Just one question. What if everybody goes to websites all over the world that use Amazon service on Christmas(which I believe is true). Then the peak of that period is so high that Amazon does not have idle computers to borrow from. How to deal with it? Does it still end with more servers than they should have?


AWS uses a DNS failover for these situations. Basically they will redirect the request to another AWS region and use the EC2 instances over there. It is very unlikely that all the AWS regions are at full load at the same time. For more info, see


Most likely AWS will fallback to their servers in Virginia on the East Coast, which is the largest server farm they have by alot. It looks like they are trying to expand their infrastructure on the East coast though


Since Amazon "sells" their extra compute and server capability as part of AWS, does that mean when they are preparing for peak load, they will utilize more of these resources and AWS resources such as Elastic Cloud Compute will be more expensive to use?