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Prof. @kayvonf Fatahalian mentioned in class that we'll come back to talk about other ways to achieve significantly higher application performance. Just out of curiosity, is it heterogeneous processing mentioned in footnote?



Assuming this is what the slide is referring to, the main idea is to different kinds of processors that may be suited to better handle different operations within a single machine. I believe the Intel Skylake on the next page would be an example of this?


What are some real examples of parallel programs in industry?


@pavelkang Virtualization technologies are typically highly parallel. For instance consider cloud computing infrastructure. A given physical server can be running hundreds of virtual servers concurrently and can generally run as many virtual instances in parallel as the underlying physical infrastructure can support. For an example of a parallel single application, consider firewalls/intrusion prevention systems. These generally perform at least signature based tests on every packet transmitted through the protected network. The signature scanning is parallel as a result of the multitude of independent packets/higher layer protocol sessions.