Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming (CMU 15-418/618)

This page contains practice exercises to help you understand material in the course. Reference material and lecture videos are available on the Lectures page.

Self-Check Exercises

Exercise 1: Solution
Concepts tested: multi-core architecture, hardware multi-threading

Exercise 3
Concepts tested: Web Scaling, Locking, Transactional Memory, Interconnection Networks

Exercise 4: Exam 2 Practice
Concepts tested: Quake, Runtime Impl, Locking, DRAM, Interconnection Networks

Programming Assignments

Assignment 1: Analyzing Program Performance on a Multi-Core CPU

Assignment 2: A Simple CUDA Renderer

Assignment 3: Parallel VLSI Wire Routing via OpenMP

Assignment 4: Parallel VLSI Wire Routing via MPI

Final Project

Final Project Information

Final Project Links