The Spring 2014 Parallelism Competition

The CMU 15-418/618 Parallelism Competition gives students the opportunity to win fame, glory, and excellent prizes! It also provides students the chance to perform extended investigations of a parallel programming program or a parallel system design problem of their choosing. The 2014 competition was judged by guest judges from NVIDIA, Google, and Citadel.


Full Project List

Playing Around with Hardware

Simulating Cache Coherence

Parallel Languages, Runtimes, and APIs

Concurrent Data Structures


Graphics, Image Processing, and Computer Vision

Particle-Based Simulation

Playing Games

Teaching Parallelism

More Fun Parallel Algorithms

Support and Contributions

The 2014 15-418/618 parallelism competition was made more fun thanks to prizes donated by NVIDIA, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, the Citadel Group, Google, Qualcomm, and Apple.