The Spring 2015 Parallelism Competition

The CMU 15-418/618 Parallelism Competition gives students the opportunity to win fame, glory, and excellent prizes! It also provides students the chance to perform extended investigations of a parallel programming program or a parallel system design problem of their choosing.

Watch the 20 finalist presentations here!

Competition Winners

Full Project List

Parallel Programming Frameworks and APIs

Language Extensions (a.k.a. Parallelizing Part of Python)

  • CudaPy by Oguz Ulgen and Cosku Acay
  • EazyMP by San-Chuan Hung and Jiajun Wang

Playing Around with FPGAs


Simulating Cache Coherence

Load Balancing Redux

Lock-Free Data Structures

Physical Simulation

Graphics and Image/Video/Audio Processing

Computer Vision and Object Recognition

Machine Learning and Neural Networks

Matrix Operations

Computing on Graphs

Playing Games

More Fun Algorithms

Support and Contributions

The 2015 15-418/618 parallelism competition was made more fun thanks to prizes donated by NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Oculus, and Dropbox.