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Note that in either of those cases we face the problem of starvation.


Why does the tag lookup lead to contention? Will this action (tag lookup) modify tag? If yes, will the read-write lock based approach relieve contention?


does Snoop Dogg have any other notable contributions to the field of computer science?

note that the way to fix the problem of contention is to duplicate resources (see next slide). we've used resource duplication to alleviate contention in various other scenarios - ex: duplicating the locks in the grid solver


@Black Here I think the professor means that the cache can only do one thing, either response the processor or bus. --- We can update hardware to deal with this problem, see next slide.


@Black using a read-write lock may actually cause starvation for many processors. For instance, if a single exclusive write-access takes a very long time to complete and there are many other processors waiting to read that resource.


@Black @Funky9000 Actually I think a read-write lock will work, as the method used in the next slides still requires a lock when doing write. Probably the reason that there is not a read-write lock implementation lies that read-write lock is hard to implement on hardware?