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As mentioned in the lecture, the high-end GPU is used for GPU-intensive jobs like video games rendering. The integrated GPU is mainly used for regular graphics tasks, such as repainting the screens with the window manager.


This processor has lower latency between the GPU and the CPU, allowing users to use it for regular graphics efficiently.


Another reason to have an integrated GPU to handle regular graphics is that the GPU has access to the L3 cache, whereas the AMD Radeon HD GPU, for example, doesn't and would need memory to be transferred back and forth. The reduced memory transfers also reduces the amount of power that is used.


So, it's more efficient to have two GPUs, as both serve different purposes on the machine. The AMD Radeon HD GPU is for high-intensity tasks, like video editing. However, for the normal user of the machine, they will only be using the machine for lower-intensity graphics requirements, which means that using the integrated GPU is more efficient because it has lower latency between it and the CPU, and will also be less power hungry.