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In this example, each thread is being assigned GRANULARITY units of work on each access to the critical section. In this way, we're reducing the amount of contention that the threads have for that critical section. This is different from the previous slide where each thread was assigned one piece of work on each access to the critical section.


Exactly! The key detail here is the ratio of the time spent in the critical section to the time spent doing the work that is assigned.

If the time in the critical section is short (for example, if the lock is a very high performance spin lock) or if the cost of doing the actual work is high (e.g., a very large number), then you may not need to worry about the optimization on this slide.

Another way to think about this slide is that the code has redefined the notion of a "piece of work" to be computing primality of a block of GRANULARITY numbers, not just one number.