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Are write buffers a way to implement PC only? I feel like write buffers are unnecessary if you're going for TSO.


@aoeuidhtns I think write buffers could still be useful for TSO. We can push reads to addresses that aren't in the write buffer ahead of the writes.


Is the write-buffer a part of the cache? The figure shows it to be separate. Just want to be sure.


@afa4 As far as I can tell from reading elsewhere, write buffers are a part of the cache.


Write buffers are not part of cache...They are just separate buffers where we put the data before writing to memory. Making it part of cache doesnot make any sense because the very reason we use write buffers is to delay the writes to memory. We do this mainly to reduce latency on reads due to write. Also if later instruction needs this data,it can take it directly from the buffer and need not to go to memory.