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Why is it that certain things have standardized nomenclature, such as the idea of 'cores' and the naming of different caches, but things like cross core communication (AMD Hyper-transport / Intel QuickPath) and Intel Hyperthreading only have proprietary names? I think it's odd which things are standard and which are not.


I'm not completely sure, but my guess would be that ideas like 'cores' have clear implementations and build on ideas already common in the industry (a single core). Cross-core communication, however, is still a relatively new idea and there hasn't been as much industry exposure, so I believe that it is commonly being redeveloped / completely designed. Therefore naming a specific variety such that it becomes a standard may not be worthwhile, as the technology may become obsolete.


I think a lot of times the naming gets decided by the marketing people. So common things like "cores" have the same name to not confuse consumers, while special features gets cool names to attract consumers' attention.